Yesterday we started a new trend. Today is Bridget’s first “official” year of school as she heads off to …. <sniffle>… kindergarten. That’s right, our girl has grown up and is, as of right now, kicking off her first day of kindergarten. (Side note: What happened to the summer??)

Ashli had the idea to take some photos each year on the day before school starts, and include a handful of shots that get repeated each year. By the time she graduates, we’ll have an awesome collection that showcases her growth over the years.

And yes, our new house will still have marks on her door jam showing how much she’s grown.

(Be sure to check out the photos at the full flickr gallery. There’s a bunch of great shots of her!) Here’s a few samples:

About this photo
This photo was shot with my Nikon D7000 + 35mm prime lens. The background is black seamless, and the lighting was done with two flash heads, one at camera left on a stand with a shoot through umbrella, and the other sitting on the floor pointing up at the seamless. Lights were controlled with my PocketWizard units.

Full size photo (on Flickr)